Chaos Paganism, Politics, and the Privilege of Not Being Involved

Here we go. Religion and Politics Is religion inherently political? This is a question that’s been thrown around in the Pagan blogosphere before and will probably continue to be relevant for a while. For me, it’s a personal question one should answer for themselves. Personally, I can’t see how Chaos Paganism, the path I’m building for myself, could not be political. One of the major tenets of my Paganism is that human beings have a right to be who we are and behave how we like so long as we’re not maliciously harming anyone else without just cause; this means […]

To Build Sacred Space or Not to Build Sacred Space?

In Wicca, many Wicca-inspired Pagan religions, and in other Pagan religions, there is the concept of “sacred space” and the creation of it. I’m going to assume for purposes of brevity that everyone reading this post knows what sacred space is and is meant to accomplish. Good, now we can get right into the discussion. Not every Pagan religion sees building sacred space as a necessity. My experience with Ár nDraíocht Féin–otherwise known as A Druid Fellowship, or simply ADF–has shown me this. ADF has no place set aside in their rituals for the building sacred space. Their reasoning is […]

The Calendar Chaotica: A More In-Depth Look

I thought it would be useful to have an actual simple list/table/chart/something of the Holy Days and Seasons of the Calendar Chaotica. So here’s one: Holy Days: New Year. Inspire. Narcissus. Rapport. Samhain. Yule. Seasons: New Year – Inspire: Season of Sparks. Inspire – Narcissus: Season of Creation. Narcissus – Rapport: Season of Foundation. Rapport – Samhain: Season of Activist. Samhain – Yule: Season of Contemplation. Yule – New Year: Promise. What the Holy Days and Seasons Mean: New Year: I am a modern Pagan in the Western world. As much as I’ve tried, I’ve never been able to make […]

Creativity, Obsession, and Religion

It’s been a strange month over here. I’m preparing for a huge move at the end of next month, starting grad school at a new school thousands of mile from home, trying to find a place to live, and trying to get in the headspace that this is real, it’s happening, and I’m going to be living much further than I’ve been from everyone and everything I’ve ever known. This is a good thing, believe me, but it’s also a terrifying thing. Especially when one has ended a relationship with a deity and hasn’t yet begun to forge a new […]

Uninspired for Inspire

I thought it would be a good idea to update everyone on what I did personally to celebrate Inspire, as I hadn’t really figured it out by the time of the last post explaining the holiday. Ironic, then, that I feel utterly uninspired and have for the past week. As my makeshift deadline for Inspire closed in, so did weariness, a deep emotional exhaustion, and a complete lack of inspiration or motivation to do anything whatsoever creative. So I haven’t. I’ve been sitting here in a funk all week doing nothing but watching YouTube videos and working myself into a […]

Exploration of the Calendar Chaotica: Inspire

In my explanation and exploration of the holy days of Chaos Paganism, I’m going to start with the day that’s next up on the calendar: the day I’ve called Inspire. Loosely speaking, as I haven’t actually settled on a date, it is supposed to align somewhat with Beltane and that’s when I plan to celebrate it this year, with the option to move dates if it doesn’t work. I’ll also talk a bit about the season that follows Inspire, the Season of Creation. Note: This calendar is still in flux as I contemplate and meditate and practice. Some things will […]

Repost: Chaos Paganism’s Calendar

This is a repost from my general Pagan topics blog, Finding the Path. It’s a basic introduction to the concepts behind the Calendar Chaotica. Samhain is next month, and I’m excited! It’s my favorite holiday, both secularly and spiritually. I absolutely intend to wear a costume, even if only a simple one, that Monday evening to class! Traditionally–as much as anything can be traditional in such a young spiritual community–Samhain has a strong connection to the Ancestors and Death, and is also considered the Wiccan/Pagan New Year; distinction left fuzzy to represent those for whom the line between Wicca and […]

What is Chaos Paganism? An Introduction

Hello, and welcome to my first post on! I’m really excited to be here, and I hope you’re all excited. I’m Celestine Nox, and I decided to use my blog here to discuss what I call Chaos Paganism. My first post will cover the basics: what is it, what it is not, and what I hope it will be in the future. There will be posts on other topics, but the majority of posts will be about Chaos Paganism. What it is: Chaos Paganism is what I currently call my personal Pagan path. It’s still growing and changing, and […]