Dreaming with Cernunnos

I was lost in a dream I had, surrounded by a suffocating mist. I started to run, to where, I don’t know. Trees, dead from the winter’s cold beckoned to me. Their branches like arms, grabbing and tearing at my clothes. My eyes were stinging with unshed tears and the dark night Threatened to swallow me if I should run any further into the Unknown blackness.   I stopped to catch my breath, hearing the call of death from A pack of wolves cloaked by the mist. A feeling of impending doom gripped my heart with its icy Grasp, squeezing […]

Healing Shadows In Eleusis

We all encounter shadows, darkness, oubliettes, and the abyss in our lives.  These are the places that some fear to go.  After all, they are ugly truths, forgotten memories, and desolating trauma.  I love those places because they are opportunities for healing and making ones self whole again.  I found out during one healing process that I could be beautiful with lots of stitches and imperfections. Every year, I have to come to terms with my mothers passing, which occurred in May 2003. I know, long time, and I should be at a point where there has been closure.  Well, […]