Dreaming with Cernunnos

I was lost in a dream I had, surrounded by a suffocating mist.

I started to run, to where, I don’t know.

Trees, dead from the winter’s cold beckoned to me.

Their branches like arms, grabbing and tearing at my clothes.

My eyes were stinging with unshed tears and the dark night

Threatened to swallow me if I should run any further into the

Unknown blackness.


I stopped to catch my breath, hearing the call of death from

A pack of wolves cloaked by the mist.

A feeling of impending doom gripped my heart with its icy

Grasp, squeezing the rest of the life force out of me that I

Struggled to hold on to.

As I began to succumb to the crushing hold, the mist lifted

And from out of thin air a dark haired, dark eyed stranger

Appeared, telling me that all would be well.


He immediately scooped me up into his arms as I felt myself

Falling into oblivion and carried me to an open field.

He set me down on a thick bed of grass, pleading that I open

My eyes, saying that he wouldn’t leave me.

Through the veil of shadows clouding my mind I could hear

His voice and I willed myself to come back and see who my

Savior was.


I opened my eyes and tried to sit up.

Faintly I heard him say, “Rest now. Don’t try to move.”

I laid back and tried to adjust to the darkness still

Encompassing me.

I could smell the strong scent of nature and masculinity

Around me.

I finally could make out the silhouette of a man sitting next

To me, I could feel his gaze burning a hole into my very soul.

Hair, all one length fell to his collarbone, hiding his features.


Wearily, I asked him to let me look at his face.

He answered me in a low tone laced with a touch of humor.

I couldn’t see his smile, but I could hear it.

“You need not see my face to know that you can call me

Friend. I have brought you to safety; rescued you from wolves

That would have otherwise torn you apart. Nay Lady, you

Need not know my face.”


I was so incredulous that I shot to my feet, swaying to steady

Myself and silently cursed my temper for it.

In that instant he was standing before me, his hands gripping

My arms to lend help to my campaign in regaining balance.

He muttered an oath with only a hint of annoyance in his voice.

My head snapped up to look into eyes the color of rich chocolate.

I then noticed his nearness, the width of his chest, the broadness of his shoulders.

His body was filled with the strength he was using to keep me



His gaze was on me again taking in my ragged clothing, the cuts on my face and neck from the branches.

An emotion filled his eyes, one of concern and compassion.

He loosened his grip fearing that he would only add to the

Number of discolorations already forming around the abrasions

I had.

I didn’t want his pity for any reason and suddenly I felt so naked under his piercing stare.

He hesitated only a moment then gathered me in his arms and

Held me with what seemed to be all the tenderness he could ever have given.


Slowly, he lowered me to the ground still holding me, Whispering words of reassurance.

My body shook as I cried silently in his arms.

As the last of my tears were shed, time stood still, and my angel

Hummed a tune in my ear that I hadn’t heard before.

Slowly, I began to fall asleep, safe and content in the embrace

Of a stranger.