Kvass for Slambva

In the time of pears
We poured the water
Flour makes a paste

Dancing and jumping
Excitement of youth
A new thing to touch

Two sets of hands now
Squish and twist the dough
Kitchen full of smells

In the afternoon
We pulled out the bread
Hot with rising steam

Rye is generous
It opens a door
A passage of earth

In a time of joy
We followed butter
Tunnel of flavor

Our guide is laughing
Fish and bears are here
Silver pool’s edges

Deep in the cave-home
We added apples
Raisins help them float

In the time of school
Questions for the jar
When will you finish?

The silence of caves
Hard to understand
When you’re in 3rd grade

I tail her scooter
As bubbles gather
Apples rising up

Buckeye balls are here
Ask the jar again
Will you leave the cave?

Today it answers
Gently spoon the drink
Kitchen full of smiles

Three glasses are raised
One on the altar
Two cool in our hands

In the morning fog
We remember caves
And we drink kvass

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