A Welcome for the Mist Dragons

Black has wings
Today on the hill

Five times a presence
Around the gray stone
Cawing into flight
At the sound of my feet

Blue hiding
Today a day off

One expanse not seen
Still present in eyes
Awaiting a gift
The mystery revealed

Red a speck
Today at the side

Four ways to go home
Remember the night
A river of mud
Consumed the low path

Gold is small
Today on my hand

Thirteen reflections
All of them gentle
Smoothed by the morning
From a sky full of clouds

Green waiting
Today in the park

Uncountable leaves
Reaching for the mist
Maybe some raindrops
To end the months of dry

Colors breath
Today on my skin

Set free as I walk
A gift I accept
From the fog’s embrace
Fleeting moments of flight

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