Frozen River Song

Night between the trees
Caressed by moonlight
Stars speak to me of
Where I am

Not yet morning light
My antlered guide Is
Waiting here
At the edge

We are flying over ice
The echoes cracking
A new river
Being born

A man in furs is lying flat
His belly to the ice
A cup of bones
Is shaking

Whispered words released
I am standing by his side
A drum is placed
Into my hand

My fingers touching white
A dragon fire skin I see
The beat comes through
I play to help

The skin explodes in leaves
A ring of bone remains
My skeleton, It knows
The time

My drum is made of rainbow
My hand is holding fast
I touch the bone
I play to heal

Wolfskin clothes are very warm
His hands are sure and true
New river needs
New life

Friendly herbs are in the bowl
He is pouring out into the flow
New water feels
New eyes

A cry goes up from nowhere
My bones his hands
New streaming has
To move

My rhythm wings are falling
His wolfskins empty now
My guide takes back
The drum

The wheels turn their timing
The ice has left a memory
Black soil eaten by
The Sea

The river given life was made
The way into the past
The song we sung
Is here

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