Walking the long night

Two shadows in the grass

fade out slowly

Their legs lost as they go


There are holes in the sky

full of sadness

Stars and tears in the dark


The smell of dead things

is sweet tonight

The Good Green Earth gives back


Standing outside we are

watching the road

So that others can stand within


My feet buried in sand

Hands on a drum

The sun is beyond the waves


Gold swallowed by rainbows

silver and blue

Voices chanting are raising hands high


Bodies in blankets face South

the sea breathing

Naked limbs running West to the plunge


Voices and bodies gather in

to the fire

The horns of the moon are above


We all stand looking East

home of flowers

Two hills and the space in between


Songs, we are waiting

calling for light

Smiles and bells all around


I see the orange spreading

take in a breath

The beat pounding, we are ready


Gold between mountains

everyone shouts

The Sun has been born today!


We are walking again

flame in a jar

Silent witnesses all in a line


A circle of women

am I welcome?

Smiles, kind words and a portion of orange


Stories and silence we share

bucket of flames

At the back of an alley made new


We sit on the floor

beloved ones

We let go, we bring in what is new


Darkness we honor

quiet wording

A careful match struck by small hands


We spread light to all rooms

three pairs of feet

one cat, warm beeswax and cedar


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