A Hymn To Life

I give thanks

To the sun that travels

By wheels unseen

Burning its arc

Through the lives it touches

Bringing gentle warmth

And clearing light

To the stone

At the center of the ring


I give thanks

To the sky’s dome

Where blues and grays

Dance to the music

Of evening’s blood


And the beat of thunder


I give thanks

To the soil below me

Where the worms

And the roots

Bring up

The purple smell

Of loveliness

And the taste of food

By hoof and by leaf


I give thanks

To the water that flows

From the wells to our mouths

From the streams come the fish

From the sea

Many gifts

And the whale road

To foreign lands


From these three

I am given life

Of these three

Is my body made

To these three

Will my bones return


When my fire dies


The Sun

A disc is sinking

The Sky

A quite twilight

The Sea

A gentle murmur

The Land

A warm embrace


It all begins again



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