Prayer to Rhiannon for the Return of the Divine Child

Divine Mother and Divine Son – Rhiannon Reunited with Pryderi. (Art by Emily Brunner)

To the Divine Queen, I pray:

Goddess of Thresholds,

Of Boundaries

Of Borders…


Great Queen of the Otherworld,

Divine Mother —



You know what it is to come, a stranger, into a new land

Seeking happiness

Seeking freedom.


You know what it is to be looked at as Other

To be betrayed

To be lied about.


To have Your child ripped from Your loving arms.


You Know.


You know the pain,

The agony,

The uncertainty of reunion.


You know the Burden that can never be set down.


Compassionate, loving Mother

Be with those who suffer now, as You have suffered —

May Your broad back carry them

Bear them forth through this time of uncertainty

Give them strength to endure this injustice

Until the Divine Child is returned

Until families are made whole.


Protective, Sovereign Queen

Let the laws of the land be upheld —

Even in the face of villains

Of liars

Of cowards

Who seek only to save themselves

And care nothing for the truth.


Threshold Guardian, Blesser of Boundaries

Ease this journey across the hedge —

Transform tears into laughter

Make empty arms ache with joyful embrace

As the mounting block becomes the throne

And balance is restored.


In Your Name, and with Your Blessing

O, Divine and Gracious Mother,

May the Exalted Prisoner

Ever be restored to their rightful place

Safely in the embrace

Of those who love them best.


Lend us Your strength, patience, and compassion

As we battle for what is right,

Changing minds and hearts,

And restoring balance at this and at every border…


Until all Mothers,

all Parents,

all children know

The release of their anxiety

And freedom from their burden.


For they are Mabon, they are Modron…

They are Pryderi, and

They are YOU

Divine Queen, Divine Mother



And the world needs You now, more than ever.

The world needs You now, more than ever.

Oh, Mother…

The world needs You now, more than ever.

About the Author

Jhenah Telyndru has always felt called to dance with joy in that liminal space which straddles the realms of history and myth, of individuality and collectivity, of the seen and the unseen. A creative mystic who loves science and values fact, Jhenah embraces the conscious co-creation of the future, while immersing herself in an impassioned study of the past. The path between, she believes, is where the mysteries are revealed and where true magic happens. Jhenah holds an MA in Celtic Studies from the University of Wales, Trinity St. David, as well as a BA in archaeology. She is the founder of the Sisterhood of Avalon and serves as Academic Dean and lead instructor of the Avalonian Thealogical Seminary. Jhenah teaches four day retreat experiences around North America and the UK, and facilitates pilgrimages to sacred sites in the British Isles and Ireland through Mythic Seeker Tours. She is a frequent presenter and guest speaker at academic conferences, religious symposia, Women’s Spirituality gatherings, and Pagan festivals. A priestess in the Avalonian Tradition, Jhenah has been dedicated to the work of Avalon for over 25 years, and has been active in the Goddess Spirituality movement since 1986. In addition to her formal studies, Jhenah has delved into hermetic science, qabalistic philosophy, transpersonal astrology, archetypal tarot, and depth psychology in an ongoing quest to further her understanding of the Universe as it manifests within and without. She facilitates rites of passage, builds labyrinths, weaves community, makes music, is in service as a healer, and honors the sacred landscape both around and within us.

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