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How to Write an Initiation by Thenea Pantera

Want to help your friend with privilege understand what it’s like to not have it? Initiation. Need more communal gnosis? Initiation. Think you should be better at connecting with as planetary force, deity, or even the spiritual aspects of a profession? Initiation, initiation, initiation.

Involving Deities In Your Spell-Work… by Themea Pantera

Involving Deities In Your Spell-Work: Yes, It Can Be Done Respectfully Once, apropos of nothing, while meditating with Hermes, he let loose with the following rant: “It’s not like I don’t want to help. I do. I’m helpful. I like being helpful. And I get […]

My Definition of Sacred By Thenea Pantera

I’ve decided today to explore my take on the sacred. What is sacred to me, how I decided what I found to be sacred, and to cast in relief those things which are definitely not at all sacred to me. The process of articulating what […]