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The Potency of the Serpent:.. By Soulfirewoman

A serpent rests within each one of us, deep down. Coiled. A primordial spiral of energy that is ready to rise, ready to strike! She resides in the dark, her eyes bright. Glimmering, even as she sleeps. And she is poised and patient, she will […]

The Quickening Times: How to Bring Back Our Magic by soulfirewoman

These are uncertain times. Precarious and insecure. But I ask, is it fear and trouble we are experiencing or have we encountering ‘The Quickening’? That small but significant flicker, which heralds the start. The quiver that signals something grows within us. Something profound. Something magic. […]

In The Beginning: The Journey of The Feminine Fool by soulfirewoman

Know thyself. The Maiden within. The Fool on her rebel’s journey. A being of fire and flame. Of newly ignited passions. The Mistress of ideas. Know her and she will serve you well. And she has her own story. A story that we all should […]