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Self Care

What now? What about the people? As for the abusers and boundary breakers? They can choose to stop the behavior. They absolutely can and then they can come back. They need to apologize for what they did, make big observable changes to their behavior. You […]

Self-Care Matters by Sylvia

At the Beginning of this year, i really, really wanted to blog… In fact, I have been wanting to blog for quite a long time. I didn’t know where to start. I had no idea how to even begin blogging other than Facebook posts that […]

But First, Self-Care by Jesamyn

But First, Self-Care by Jesamyn

In holy desperation I may be able to squeeze some drops out of the heat-baked mud, but it sure won’t satisfy the whole village or help to quench thirst and keep people alive over the long haul.