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O, Be Some Other Name! by Sam Jackson

I recently spent four days in the rain and sun at PSG, or Pagan Spirit Gathering, one of America’s oldest and largest Nature Spirituality festivals. This was my second year in attendance having attended it in 2016. Last year, as a PSG “virgin”, I was […]

Roots & Branches: One Small Twig by Sam Jackson

I often jokingly refer to myself as being “Whasian” (White Asian) instead of biracial. I didn’t know the full extent of my “Asian-ness” until I received my DNA results. I had always considered my mother to have been of Pakistani and Indian origin. Little did […]

Roots & Branches: Little Boxes by Sam Jackson

In a dream, my purported Cherokee forebear, Timothy Brown, stands at the head of a long line of people. His dark skin is careworn and he has deep lines in his brow. His face has a somber expression and his eyes seem to be focused […]

Roots & Branches: Forked Paths by Sam Jackson

This is my third essay in an ongoing series of essays. In these essays, I reflect upon my familial roots and how they may inform my relationship with the numinous. In searching for some insight into the matter of whether or not one’s spiritual path may be informed […]

Roots & Branches: March of the Ancestors by Sam Jackson

I’d like to think that each of us, in our own time, comes to a point in our lives when we want to know where we came from. For some of us, tall tales of fabled ancestors don’t always satisfy our desire to learn more […]

Eternal Return: Bulls on Parade by Sam Jackson

I was never one to wholeheartedly believe in the concept of reincarnation, or transmigration of souls. The concept of eternal return was quite unorthodox for someone who grew up believing Christian doctrine (“it is appointed for man to die once, and after that comes judgment”, […]