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The Purpose of Ritual by Marietta Williams

Ritual can even be as simple as honoring an altar in the morning or repeating a mantra before falling asleep.  It certainly doesn’t have to be elaborate.  But for the new and adept practitioner alike, the meaning of ritual can be confusing. It’s easy to […]

Pilgrimage as Ritual by Jesamyn

Pilgrimage as ritual is essential for our community—it helps to shake things up, to quickly and easily move us a bit further out of our comfort zones, and can even give access to new insights and new ways of being.  Sisterhood of the Moon has been making […]

Things I’ve Learned Since I’ve Joined A Coven…so far

  These are some of the lessons I’ve learned since joining a coven in 2011. It’s probably not complete, and I know I’ve got a lot to learn, but I figured I’d share what I’ve learned thus far. Inclusivity is key. Recently, there was a beautiful […]

That which We Seek by Karina Blackheart

No matter what I write or teach, no matter what I believe or practice, it comes down to this: The embodiment of ecstatic experience.  The word ecstasy has embedded in it, a sense of fearlessness, a wild innocence unencumbered by social acceptability. We think of […]

How to Write an Initiation by Thenea Pantera

Want to help your friend with privilege understand what it’s like to not have it? Initiation. Need more communal gnosis? Initiation. Think you should be better at connecting with as planetary force, deity, or even the spiritual aspects of a profession? Initiation, initiation, initiation.

Casting Circles of Resistance: Air by autumnjoyful

By the Air that is their Breath Artist of the cyclone, the tornado, the rush of the storm, I have been battered by your winds. The gust of insight, of knowledge, I dare not to look away as you bat your wings like a great […]

On Pagan Writing Styles by critter

Why does most of my writing take the format of directions or how-to guides? My teacher once said that everyone experiences ritual differently. I’ve also seen this idea brought up in several books and essays. Everyone in a ritual can have wildly different relationships with […]

b-side: Born to Pun by eastling

You may notice that the promised post about my path’s version of Hekate and the related aspects of my practice has failed to materialize. It may have been eaten by the Maenad, and who knows where it is then? As it happens, I’ve had some […]

Earth-based faith without the Earth?

  I watched Alien Planet today. If you’ve never seen it, it’s a study in the hypothetical. A bunch of scientists, physicists, biologists, et, all, come together and discuss what different types of life could be like on a planet that may or may not […]

A MidSpring Ritual by Critter

Midspring is a month away, and planning teams are starting to get to work, so in hopes of reaching the ears of said teams, I would like to propose a differently structured ritual, a Wicca that is inclusive of trans people, same-sex relationships, and asexuals. […]