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Relational Ethics by Nicholas Haney

Today I want to expand more on many of the points I raised in the first part of this series here. I want to dig deeper into the nature of interpersonal relationships, and the very real and practical applications of how this shapes our lies. In the […]

Relationships and Cosmology by Nicholas Haney

I spend a lot of time looking up at the stars at night. I always have, every since I was a child. At one time, I knew most of their names by heart, and where and when to find all the major constellations in the […]

People and Persons by Nicholas Haney

This is the second part of our ongoing exploration of animism and shamanism. I want to return your attention to the definition of animism I used in the first post on this blog. That animism is; “the idea that the world is full of persons […]

The Beginning Place… by Nicholas Haney

This is my first post on this platform, so it seems only fitting that I should introduce myself. My name is Nicholas Haney, and I have been a practicing pagan for a little over a decade now. Like so many other pagans, my path has […]