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Loud are the Voices of the Dead by Lon Sarver

Racist jokes, threats about what to do if a sister or an aunt were to date a black man, and the casual assumption of white superiority were as much a part of the atmosphere as oxygen. I’ve spent the last twenty-five years actively trying to […]

Watching the Oasis by Lon Sarver

Fandom is part of my community. Mostly, they’re not the people I practice with. Hell, this is an old-style literary science fiction/fantasy convention; there are plenty of folks here who think all religion is irrational delusion.  

Embodied Polytheism by Lon Sarver

Our teaching circle was working together on a garden one day, and there was much complaining about the smell of the compost we were turning into the soil. I quipped, “That’s the fecundity of the Earth that you’ve been worshiping.” Folks did not appreciate the […]