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The Art of Being A God by Kiya

It’s interesting having one foot in reconstructionist religion and one foot in religious witchcraft, for a lot of reasons. One of the things that I’ve been thinking about lately is the shape of how the gods appear within the context of each system. This isn’t […]

Mythopoeia by Kiya

Mythopoeia has never really stopped; there is a constant flow of interpretation and reinterpretation present in understandings of sacred stories, and the development of new ones. However, mythopoesis as a significant literary phenomenon emerges from the same process of disenchantment that caused so much else, […]

An Introduction to Enchantment By Kiya

One of my occasional hobbies is digging into the history of the modern pagan movement, which is a project about which I can wax quite tedious given the opportunity. It is full of all kinds of interesting rabbit holes and cross-connections, and actually digging into […]

Two Things: an Introductory Post By Kiya

There’s a bit of ancient Egyptian ritual poetry that speaks of the time before creation as “before there were two things”.  I’ve always loved that line, that concept, the idea that a thing in isolation is little distinguished from potentiality, that there need to be […]