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Power by Karina Blackheart

“If you’re confused about power, remember love.” Victor Anderson. In response to current events, so many people are reporting feelings of powerless, helplessness and apathy. I want to remind you that you are not powerless! There is a false power–Starhawk called it power-over— that relies upon bullying, […]

That which We Seek by Karina Blackheart

No matter what I write or teach, no matter what I believe or practice, it comes down to this: The embodiment of ecstatic experience.  The word ecstasy has embedded in it, a sense of fearlessness, a wild innocence unencumbered by social acceptability. We think of […]

Fight Me for It by Karina Blackheart

“One day,” he said, “you’ll fight me for your power.” I had just finished telling my teacher how grateful I was to him. Without him, I’d be stumbling around trying to glean what I could from books and circles of people with no more experience […]