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Pilgrimage as Ritual by Jesamyn

Pilgrimage as ritual is essential for our community—it helps to shake things up, to quickly and easily move us a bit further out of our comfort zones, and can even give access to new insights and new ways of being.  Sisterhood of the Moon has been making […]

But First, Self-Care by Jesamyn

But First, Self-Care by Jesamyn

In holy desperation I may be able to squeeze some drops out of the heat-baked mud, but it sure won’t satisfy the whole village or help to quench thirst and keep people alive over the long haul.

The Underground Stream: An Introduction by Jesamyn

The High Priestess sits upon the seat she has earned over years filled with effort, anguish, and exhilaration, all freely offered in service; in this moment, she is serene, centered, and focused.  Her hair is dressed around a slim silver circlet high upon her head, […]