Tag: goddess worship

The Underground Stream: An Introduction by Jesamyn

The High Priestess sits upon the seat she has earned over years filled with effort, anguish, and exhilaration, all freely offered in service; in this moment, she is serene, centered, and focused.  Her hair is dressed around a slim silver circlet high upon her head, […]

Devotion – Developing Relationship with Deity by Phoenix

Devotion is defined as: religious fervor or piety, a religious exercise or practice, and also the act of dedicating something to a cause, enterprise, or activity. We can be devoted to our families, to our work in the world. We can be devoted to a […]

My Great Pagan Roadtrip by Sage Ambue

[content warning: brief mention of mental health medication] Ostara, 2007. I was a junior in high school, living in a very small, very conservative town in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I was grappling with a growing sense of self that seemed at odds with the […]