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Relational Ethics by Nicholas Haney

Today I want to expand more on many of the points I raised in the first part of this series here. I want to dig deeper into the nature of interpersonal relationships, and the very real and practical applications of how this shapes our lies. In the […]

What Does It Mean To Be Clergy? by Ember Cooke

There’s a long standing joke among Wiccans: “How can you tell which is the High Priestess in a coven of witches?” “She’s the one with the broom!” It’s only funny if you get the unspoken visual of said broom being used to physically clean out […]

Witchy Words Spring Equinox Altar 2017 By mariettawilliams

A 24 hour span where day and night are equal in length, the spring equinox is a sabbat of growth, prosperity and new beginnings.   While fertility is often associated with Ostara, it need not be fertility of the body; instead it could represent the […]

Introduction to Pagan Ethics by DM Koffer

So – what are Pagan ethics? Where do they come from? How do we decide what’s ethical behavior for Pagans, and what isn’t? That’s a lot of questions. I promise, I won’t try to answer them all in this post! But just to set the […]