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Paganism and Handmaids by DM Koffer

Margaret Atwood is a master at creating bleak, realistic near-future stories.  I read Oryx and Crake, which was brilliant, and which in my mind I could totally see happening.  Which is one thing that terrifies me about Handmaid.

Love Magic by DM Koffer

Or, more specifically, is it OK to cast a love spell? Rather than just give you an answer, I thought I’d put together a few ideas for you to think about.  As a Pagan, your values will mean more if you put intent into them. […]

Sexual Predators in Paganism by DM Koffer

[This post uses profanity.]  So, Kenny Kline is back in the news. Not for anything he’s done recently.  He was just waiting for a jury to make a decision on his case.  (Which they did.  Guilty on all counts, for possession and distribution of child […]

Should Pagans be Environmentalists? By dmkoffer

Yes. Well, to be fair, I think if you live on Planet Earth you should have a hand in preserving things so we can keep living here.  But Pagans tend to have a closer connection to Nature, and I think that comes with a higher […]

Introduction to Pagan Ethics by DM Koffer

So – what are Pagan ethics? Where do they come from? How do we decide what’s ethical behavior for Pagans, and what isn’t? That’s a lot of questions. I promise, I won’t try to answer them all in this post! But just to set the […]