Tag: Dionysos

Track #4: The Rising by eastling

I met the new god a quarter-century after his apotheosis, when I was trapped in the underworld. Before that, I had known his name for a long time, and I had heard his voice now and then. I had seen, sometimes, vaguely, the vivid outlines […]

track #2: She’s the One by eastling

My goddess lives deep in the heart of our cosmos, or rather, she dances there. She dances eternally, spinning around in great sweeping whirls, as she measures out the beat of the music of the stars. With the steps of her dance she binds together […]

track #1: Night by eastling

Before I do anything else, I should probably tell you what my path is. This poses a bit of a problem, as my mystic ways are unique to me: a form of heretical modern Judaism based on the idea that I am called to the […]