Trust Art

When I was small, all long-lashed dark eyes and shyness and feathers of night hair, I was taken on a plane across the Atlantic to see family. In the long between of the flight, the crew let us littles get some wiggle out by helping […]

Some pet peeves, a meme, and ‘pagan standard time’

In my experience with pagan communities, we are seen (and often see ourselves) as irresponsible, unable to be on time [pagan standard time, anyone?], with this sort of ‘hippy dippy’ culture. This isn’t something to be proud of, in my opinion. We have the power […]

A Response to Edward Feser

I first met Proclus through the writings of Edward Butler. I still remember reading Edward’s Polytheism and Individuality in the Henadic Manifold for the first time. He says “In his Platonic Theology, Proclus states that ‘all that have ever touched upon theology have called things […]

Invocation to Antiqua – Ancient One

Lady cloaked in midnight, hear my keen tonight. Help me to midwife this transition, to ease the passing of that which was. Bring ease to our hearts, let us dance to tame the howling winds of grief. As I stand at the crossroads, light the […]

What If the Gods Were Like Water?

My friend, Moonwater SilverClaw from the blog The Hidden Children of the Goddess, and I were having tea and a nice chat.  I was in the middle of an existential crisis, like I sometimes am, where I question the very nature of the gods, the […]

The Quest for Avalon Within

Just as King Arthur rests eternally in Avalon’s safe keeping, so too does the memory of the Holy Isle endure, embedded in the lore and legacy of Britain’s legendary king. What remains are but tantalizing glimpses of the Apple Isle and her inhabitants—a barge full […]

Magic and Painful Emotions

For magically inclined people there are other outlets for these feelings.  The energy that you raise within yourself can be directed and pointed at things.  Breaking with tradition a lot of modern thought I’m going to suggest that the energy raised by negative emotions can be put to use in things that aren’t specifically harmful.

5 Reasons Why All Witchcraft Is Political

All witchcraft is political. This is certainly an opinion and one that I have a great deal of bias toward. I live in Washington DC, my life is completely immersed in politics of many flavors, and I help run one of the largest witchcraft traditions […]

Finding Community, Wearing Identity

I smile at the cashier softly, ask her how her day is going. I can tell that I’ve caught her a bit off-guard as she meets my gaze. In low tones, I say, “Your  Mjölnir is lovely.” Her hand immediately reaches up to it and I […]