Woundedness vs. Victimhood by Grace E

In my experience, it is a rare beast who makes it through life without Wounds. Paganism seems to have a fair amount of people being open about their Wounds, and actively doing the Work. However, we also have our share of Victims. The idea that […]

Witchy Words Spring Equinox Altar 2017 By mariettawilliams

A 24 hour span where day and night are equal in length, the spring equinox is a sabbat of growth, prosperity and new beginnings.   While fertility is often associated with Ostara, it need not be fertility of the body; instead it could represent the […]

IndieGoGo is GoGo-ing!

Four days left on the site fundraiser! We’ve reached our first goal and are now working on the first stretch goal. There are still some great perks available including consults with me at a reduced rate.

All kinds of updates: IndieGoGo, Site Launch, Writer tools

The IndieGoGo has one week left and $100 to go on the original goal. After that we work on me getting paid. I am thrilled by the response to the campaign so far and there is so much to come. I met with a few […]

Meet and Greet at PantheaCon

Meet and Greet at PantheaCon

Going to be at PantheaCon? Sun 10a-12p. Rm 259. Come meet me and some of the authors. Have a bagel and some schmear or just hang out.