Social justice

Making space on the programming schedule – Inequalities and harmed people

This is me, speaking as a conference organizer and someone who has programmed cons. Yes, some of this is relevant to the recent con but the advice should generalize out easily. The difficulty of having a series of program items that address inequalities and harm […]

Long time, no blog – a personal observation

Recently I’ve been purging the heaps of things I’ve acquired over the decades as an uncommon lack of sentimental attachment has engulfed me. It’s a bit unnerving to watch myself unceremoniously pitch items I felt I had to keep just 6 months ago. Along with […]

Looks like witches still need to tend women’s health – SCOTUS change coming

Years back there was a rumbling on the Internet in regards to states passing draconian abortion laws. People were organizing, in the background and out of the public eye, a network to help women travel to a different state to get an abortion when their […]