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From Eridu to Shuruppak and Everywhere in Between by Sam Jackson

I’ve recently been given the opportunity to begin working with members of The Temple of Sumer, a collective of pagans devoted to reviving and reconstructing the religion of the people of the Ancient Near East, specifically that of the Sumerian people. The direction that I […]

Submissions to join

I’ve pushed back the next submission window to September 1. I want to focus on the authors and artists that are currently with Pagan Bloggers before I add more. Thank you for your patience.

June theme

For June I am offering up the optional theme of Solstice. ‘Tis either the longest or shortest day of the year. Do you mark it? Does your tradition/practice? What about the bigger ideas of it being the changeover? For regular writers of paganbloggers you are […]

What’s happening now…

The IndieGoGo succeeded well past the goal, raising $4,156. This is wonderful.  Next up is a to-do list as long as my arm that includes things like: New theme customization and getting those ad spots ready. Send out emails to the backers with their perk […]

Call for Artists and Musicians (and more)

I’ve added a new submission form for our non-textual based bloggers. It’s up there in the menu and I would love it if the word spread. I plan on allowing youtube and soundcloud (as well as bandcamp, etc) embeds. I’ve also got some really lovely options […]

New perks, interview, and a campaign update

So much news- Perks There are new perks in the campaign, offered up by authors on the site. $60 items from Lon Sarver, Reverend Gina Pond, and Shauna Aura Knight are now live and there are more to come. The early supporter ad spots have […]

Site news

IndieGoGo – The campaign has slowed down a bit which isn’t unusual. We’re at 8 days in and 22 to go with it being 40% funded. Please do share! I’d love to be fully funded (or beyond) so that everything is set for the long […]

Indiegogo is Live!

Indiegogo is Live!

I’ve opened up the Indiegogo for funding. Get in while it’s fresh and hot? More seriously, I’d love your support so that together we can support the community. I know there are other pagan blogging portals out there (and another one the way). I’m thrilled […]

Indigogo Launch Coming Soon

Indigogo Launch Coming Soon

So, as the saying goes, that escalated quickly! An Indigogo campaign will be live very soon to lay out what we are doing and how we hope to accomplish it.