Author: Jamie

Hail the Tech Spirits! by Ember Cooke

Aha! Finally, I have a working desktop computer again! That took weeks longer than I expected it to. It’s been a bit of a rough couple of months for me, tech-wise. My tablet screen shattered. My desktop computer video card died. My phone battery started […]

Compromise, or how to deal with not getting exactly what you want by DM Koffer

This post is about compromise.  Now, you might be thinking, “what does compromise have to do with being Pagan?” Quite a bit, actually – if you practice Paganism, you’re probably not going to get exactly what you want.  You can expect that, whether you’re joining […]

Thinking Theologically: Sacred Texts and Sacred Text by LV Boloix

In the pagan and polytheist communities, generally and across the board, I’ve observed a strange love/hate relationship with the concepts of sacred texts. Many in our communities express disgust, hatred, or apathy towards the idea of having a sacred text, mostly out of (mis)understanding a […]

From Eridu to Shuruppak and Everywhere in Between by Sam Jackson

I’ve recently been given the opportunity to begin working with members of The Temple of Sumer, a collective of pagans devoted to reviving and reconstructing the religion of the people of the Ancient Near East, specifically that of the Sumerian people. The direction that I […]

For the Love of the Little-Known Gods by Datura

I love rivers. I’ve always wanted to live by one. Perhaps it’s because I’m a Pisces as I find healing in running water; whenever I’m sick, I head for the shower and let the water beat down on me. So, it was natural for me to seek […]

Drawing Down the Sun – a review and my thoughts by Grace E

Drawing Down the Sun is a devotional guide for sun goddess worship, written by Stephanie Woodfield. Ms. Woodfield is a well known writer for SageWoman and The Portal and is also a founding member of Morrigu’s Daughters. Her website is I picked this book […]

track #5: Reason to Believe by eastling

Last year, in 2016, Mercury came out of retrograde the day after September 22nd. That’s my birthday. At the time, I was first exploring my spirituality, constructing myths and rituals of my own out of scraps and intuitions. This year, in spring of 2017, my […]

Calling My Yaya by Jackson October

Today is my Yaya’s birthday. She would have been 85 today. On the ancestor altar, she is represented by a tiny set of ceramic cats she let me have years ago.

Creativity, Obsession, and Religion by Celestine Nox

It’s been a strange month over here. I’m preparing for a huge move at the end of next month, starting grad school at a new school thousands of mile from home, trying to find a place to live, and trying to get in the headspace […]