Month: October 2017

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I’m running out of words to fully express the grief that stands by the door. I’m running out of tears to cleanse the rough wounds that come with each moment I want to hear her voice. I can call it up in my head and […]

Some Thoughts on Reincarnation

We’re going to start tackling the subject of reincarnation: what it involves and why anyone should think it occurs. I honestly feel that this subject could be covered endlessly with new insights and considerations. We’re just going to scratch the surface today. But, what I’d […]

5 Reasons Why #MeToo is not a Witch-Hunt

Woody Allen was interviewed recently by the BBC regarding the sexual harassment allegations against Harvey Weinstein. He stated that:

“You also don’t want it to lead to a witch-hunt atmosphere, a Salem atmosphere, where every guy in an office who winks at a woman is suddenly having to call a lawyer to defend himself.”

This has come at a time when many powerful men have been accused of sexually assaulting women – from Bill Cosby to the POTUS – and in a week where the MeToo hashtag has exploded, revealing the extent sexual harassment and assault people (especially women) are exposed to. #ΜeToo has been like lifting a rock to find all the dark and predatory creatures that lurk beneath it. Creatures that many of us suspected were there but have tried not to come face-to-face with for fear it would be too much to handle.

But it is high time these acts of sexual harassment and aggression were brought into the light. We need to be aware of the extent of them. So Allen (A powerful man with a more than dubious sexual past) should not be referring to the revealing of sexual misconduct as a ‘Witch hunt’ because this term is both misleading and disingenuous.

Looks Enjoyable: Disgust towards the Sexualizing of Girls in Game Narratives & Halloween Costumes this October

So the 31st of October is coming up very soon, a day that coincides in the states with flamboyant costumes, somber rituals, apple cider, the end of the harvest season, classic horror movies showing up in theaters for a limited time, copious amounts of candy, […]

Blessing Your Dead – Building Bridges

During this Samhain season I’ve decided to do some work to aid my ancestors and help to connect them to the blessings of the Gods that I honor and that are close to me. I invite you to join in this experiment.

Everyday Paganism – Elemental Water

I replaced the floor – linoleum, underlayment, and subfloor – in my bathroom last week.  Twice.  And I replaced the thrice-damned toilet that caused the problem.  Which is part of why I’ve been radio-silent for a bit.  (Shout out to my awesome wife for her […]

A type of practice: Playing with my tarot deck (1 of 4)

The world is being difficult right now. That is often true. It may be frivolous of me to be writing about simpler things but I wasn’t going to be writing about the difficult things so I may as well share what I have to share. […]

Tarot Games!

And now for something completely different! Years ago, when my friend Perlandria lived a couple blocks from me, the two of us regularly found ourselves making up games to play with Tarot cards, just the two of us, or with one or more of our […]

Blight, Fires, and Balor

As I write, fires rage out of control in Northern California not far from my former home. In the San Francisco Bay Area people wear masks because of the smoke, and air quality is more like what is common in Beijing and Delhi. Over the […]

Pragmatism and Outcomes-Oriented Religion

I’ve watched a lot of debates about cosmology and the nature of the Divine Mystery: between religions and within the Pagan umbrella.  It holds its own allure, I suppose, but I have never understood why people become so vehement about their own worldview or so […]