Month: September 2017

All Paths Do Not Lead To The Same Destination

Two guys are drinking in a bar. One turns to the other and says, “Hey, are you going to Saint Mary’s for Mass this Easter?” The second guy replies, “No, I’m an Atheist.” Says the first guy, “Well, I never heard of that one. But […]

What does it mean to be an expert?

I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be an expert. And what it means when we aren’t. Most of us have dozens of topics where we know a bit, but we’re not an expert. We have some experiences, but they’re personal understanding. […]

Grief as a Holy Offering

The rivers are rough right now; the seas are high. The dams have broken, and all the lakes have emptied. Over the past few weeks, I’ve experienced profound connection coupled with astounding rootedness punctuated by loss–the deaths of Beloveds–precipitating violent heavings of emotions, like so […]

Disability, Witchcraft, and Siren Songs

Witchcraft is a siren song to the powerless. I was a child, abused at home, bullied at school. I’d taken up karate class in an effort to get one up on my bullies, only to discover to my horror my bullies took the same class. […]

Checking In for Mabon

There was a new years recently, though not one that belongs to me as I’m not Jewish. When Bug gets a little older, we’ll have to get back in the rhythm of celebrating a New School Year, I suppose, and that’s a more secular new […]

Yosemite National Park 12

River detail below Bridal Veil falls.

Trust Art

When I was small, all long-lashed dark eyes and shyness and feathers of night hair, I was taken on a plane across the Atlantic to see family. In the long between of the flight, the crew let us littles get some wiggle out by helping […]

track #6: Atlantic City

Every time I think I might have figured out the nature of my personal cosmos and its godhead, I trip and fall headlong into a new revelation. So with this post, I’m not claiming to know any fundamental truth. All of this is just a […]

Olives and Ophiolites

I am Maikos Oikinios. Tonight I am standing at the top of my house watching the light dim across the valley. My family came here from the land where the Great Temple raises its stones up above the groves of green figs to the east. […]

More on Natural Relations

(Image Credit: Here)   I received a really good question on my last post, so I wanted to follow up with a second part and address the question that was raised. Sarenth asked the following question; “Will you be exploring more of the positive aspects […]