For the Love of the Little-Known Gods by Datura

I love rivers. I’ve always wanted to live by one. Perhaps it’s because I’m a Pisces as I find healing in running water; whenever I’m sick, I head for the shower and let the water beat down on me. So, it was natural for me to seek out deities of the river. I found a name that caught my eye and felt a connection; however, when attempting to research further, I soon hit a wall. There’s not much out there about her: basically, the same paragraph appears in the various websites; she doesn’t seem to be on the devotion radar for the Reconstructionists or the more mystically-minded. Can’t find much in the way of books, statuary, or paintings/prints either. In one place, searching her name brings up a couple of pieces of jewelry, but there’s no mention of her in the description. Another item says it has herbs dedicated to her, but the herbs don’t line up with the little information I’ve been able to glean.