Pagan (Non) Presence at MayDay Parade 2017 By Liz Tetu

Where was Pagan booth at MayDay Parade 2017?!

Every year on the first Sunday in May, the Minneapolis-based community performance company In The Heart of the Beast presents a themed parade in Powderhorn Park. This parade, called the MayDay Parade, openly criticizes anti-populist and ecologically-ignorant politics. For example, the motifs of this year’s parade included the corruption that comes with capital, devastation in denying science, and the benefits of protecting the water. In addition to floats and walking sections dedicated to these topics, there were performances and dances from Minnesota’s Indigenous communities (representing both American and Mexican Nations) as well as a colorful presentation by a trans youth group. Between the beating of the drums and the sun, the parade was about two hours of hot-blooded positivity and hope.