Welcomes, Goodbyes, and New Beginnings By mollykhan

Hello to all! I am excited to begin writing here at Pagan Bloggers, and I’m eager to introduce myself. At the same time, I’m taking a new step in my mundane life. I’m moving away from my transitional home and into a place I hope will be much more permanent.

These two events are similar in many ways. As I come to a new home, greet new spirits and new neighbors, I must put my best foot forward. The same is true here. I can do my best to tell you about myself, to offer up the knowledge and insight I have found over the years; but it is up to you, dear readers, whether or not you will stick around to really get to know me!

So let’s cover the basics. I self-identify as a Pagan, and as a Heathen within the Pagan umbrella. I take inspiration from across the ancient Germanic world, but Anglo-Saxon England is my primary interest.