b-side: Born to Pun by eastling

You may notice that the promised post about my path’s version of Hekate and the related aspects of my practice has failed to materialize. It may have been eaten by the Maenad, and who knows where it is then? As it happens, I’ve had some busy weeks, and TRACK #3 has been delayed until this coming Friday as a result.

In the meanwhile, here’s a random sampling of my mystic thought processes to tide you over.

There’s a tendency in neopagan communities to speak disparagingly of “the godphone”–the idea that followers of a deity necessarily get clear messages from whoever they worship or work with. And it’s true that it’s a bad idea to set yourself up to expect clear, consistent communication with no bugs or static from a god. That has often ended poorly, historically.

But I feel that sometimes holding internal conversations with your Powers has its rewards. It’s all in your head, right?