Month: May 2017

Track #4: The Rising by eastling

I met the new god a quarter-century after his apotheosis, when I was trapped in the underworld. Before that, I had known his name for a long time, and I had heard his voice now and then. I had seen, sometimes, vaguely, the vivid outlines […]

Armchair Paganism by dmkoffer

So to Bel, I would say that you’re not really an armchair Pagan.  You’re authentic, you have a practice, you’re just stepping back. It is totally normal to step back and take a break from the Spirit and Unseen world now and again.  In fact, […]

Mental Illness and Witchcraft by Sylvia

I grew up going to church, I remember multiple times when “demons were exorcised” and illness was prayed away. I remember my demon being prayed away… or so they thought. The problem with growing up in a Pentecostal church was being told that everything was […]

But First, Self-Care by Jesamyn

But First, Self-Care by Jesamyn

In holy desperation I may be able to squeeze some drops out of the heat-baked mud, but it sure won’t satisfy the whole village or help to quench thirst and keep people alive over the long haul.

Ostara, Easter, Beltane, Overwhelm By Jackson October

Ostara, Easter, Beltane, Overwhelm By Jackson October

If I was on my own, I’d probably just enjoy the quiet day off a national holiday offers. However, holidays are important to my spouse, and I want my kid to grow up enjoying them if possible, so I continue to think about it.

New Stories of the Gods by Laine Mardollsdottir

We need new stories about the Gods. They are already being told.  Take for instance, Freyja and chocolate. There are few who worship Freyja who won’t say that chocolate would be a fine offering for Her.

(Spoilers) The Love Witch vs the Pagan Patriarchy by Diana Rajchel

In this season passing between Beltane and Midsummer, the phrase All acts of love and pleasure are my rituals emerges often. As the earth heats up, so do we, and certain Pagans move into the sacred season of sexuality – and all the hot, sweaty […]

Why New Gods by Aine Llewellyn

The Laetha met me when I was seventeen, in my bedroom at my father’s house. He didn’t physically appear. His presence filled the room.

The Potency of the Serpent:.. By Soulfirewoman

A serpent rests within each one of us, deep down. Coiled. A primordial spiral of energy that is ready to rise, ready to strike! She resides in the dark, her eyes bright. Glimmering, even as she sleeps. And she is poised and patient, she will […]