Uneasy Listening: Dark Ambient Music Appreciation for Pagans by Danica Swanson

“Encoded in the earth, encrypted in our bodies, and built into temples is a knowledge that wants to live again as music.”
~ Susan Elizabeth Hale, Sacred Space, Sacred Sound: The Acoustic Mysteries of Holy Places

“Dark ambient is definitely a big part of my spiritual life…It almost functions as a gate to another reality, where different rules apply. It’s like reading a great book or looking at a painting, but much more intense, faster, and more direct.”
~ Matej Gyarfas of Phragments

When I began my journey into the world of dark ambient music in 1992, I hadn’t a clue that this obscure musical style  – originally called “industrial ambient”– would alter my life so completely that I would one day consider it indispensable to my spiritual practice.

Over the years I discovered that dark ambient music could be a remarkably effective facilitator of meditation, contemplative practice, and paths of sacred endarkenment – a theta-wave-inducing enabler of hypnagogic states, lucid dreams, and inner journeys.  Since I was raised in a New Age family, I’d already had more than my fill of spirituality with a heavy emphasis on white light and transcendence; dark ambient became my perfect down-to-earth antidote.

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