All this time, the river flows… By Wolf Mercury

When I bought my camera, there was one shot I knew I wanted to retake.

A few years ago, after running around Ireland, England, and Wales for over a month, I found myself back in London two days before flying home to Seattle.  That trip, the first of what seems to be a yearly pilgrimage, was a whirlwind of stimuli. What the hell, I’m an Aries, might as well get extreme – that trip was goddamn life changing; the particulars of which I may talk about in later photo blogs. Where was I? Yes, I was back in London at the British Museum.  The plan was to drive the rental car to the hotel and pack. That got tweaked as I walked past the garage and headed to a pub for a quick pint. I wasn’t ready to leave.  Exiting the pub, I kept walking and weaving amongst the pedestrians, attaching stories onto their lives. Where were they going?

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