Nature Mysticism: Kissed by the Night Sky By Kimberly Kirner

I thought carefully how I wanted to begin my blogging journey in this platform – what sort of introduction to my practice as a Druid and Pagan I wanted to give.  What I concluded is that if I could strip down my practice to one description, one core foundational piece, on which everything else rests, then this would serve as a good beginning.  This core piece is nature mysticism.

Mysticism is a reaching toward direct experience of the Divine.  My practice is primarily ecstatic – it has at its heart an opening of my body, mind, heart, and soul to the Divine touch.  This has led me to some incredible moments of unity with all-that-is.  This practice has also led me into periods of wandering lost and scared in the deep woods of the soul.  What is constant is my willingness to return to practice, to be vulnerable to the Divine, to keen my awareness to the Divine spark in every being and every moment.  Whatever it costs me, I trust the transformative process is worth it.

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