How does Magic Work? How Hermeticism brings…By mariettawilliams

Upon reconnecting with a classmate from high school, he was shocked to learn that I fashion myself a witch.  How could I, someone with a degree, someone who believes in the empirical, someone of generally practical mind, possibly believe in the hocus pocus of magic?  What had changed between the Marietta he knew when we were teenagers and the Marietta nearing her 30’s that could have led to this?  How exactly did I think magic works?

Surprisingly, this is a common question I get from witches and non-witches alike.  Later this month, my circlemate Abby will be talking about how science and magic are not contradictory on  I certainly agree with her but, before her guest article makes an appearance, I would like to talk about my personal definition of magic and how I believe it works.

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