The Flowers In My Garden: A Lesson from Frigg By L.V. Boloix

About a year ago, in the beginning of the great tumult that was 2016, Frigg stepped into my life. It was something that shocked me and that shamed me; after all, the messiness of my room and of my life was no worthy place for the All-Mother. And yet She took me in Her stride, feather-touched but firm, with a compassion that to this day makes me weak in the knees from its power. It was a compassion that carried me through the darkest hours and moments of my life in 2016 – a compassion that swept me in gently into 2017 with a newfound power handled with ancient grace.

Every Queen must have Her Garden, She told me once. At the time, I didn’t exactly understand what She meant by this. I understood, to some degree, that one must cultivate what one wants; I understood that one must work to surround oneself with the things that one desires. But just a month ago was when I saw another level of this multivalent statement from the All-Mother, and it was this depth that completely put everything into perspective for me.

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