The Cauldron – Empty, Filling, Full By Gwion Raven

All around my house you’ll find cauldrons. On top of one prominent altar, I have a large replica of the Gundestrup Cauldron.  There’s a collection of mini cauldrons nestled on the wood burning stove. I have cauldrons filled with beans for sorting, another with drops of Awen (okay, they are gold coloured marbles but they are Awen to me) and two in my office that I work magic with each morning. The cauldron, for me, is the perfect metaphor for the way I do my magic.

Emptiness and Potential in a Cauldron

I spent years studying Tibetan Buddhism in the Gelugpa lineage. One of the central tenets of Buddhism is The Heart Sutra and it deals with Emptiness. Emptiness is described not as the lack or absence of anything but rather the potential for almost anything to arise from that emptiness. In my witchcraft, the corollary to or symbol of Buddhist Emptiness is the cauldron.

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