Two Things: an Introductory Post By Kiya

There’s a bit of ancient Egyptian ritual poetry that speaks of the time before creation as “before there were two things”.  I’ve always loved that line, that concept, the idea that a thing in isolation is little distinguished from potentiality, that there need to be two things – and with them the concept of observation, of comparison – to define existence.

I play a lot with two-thingsness.  It’s not quite an obsession, but I find a lot of energy and power in dualities – along with a lot of risk in playing with them, because so often people collapse them into black-and-white rather than the grand kaleidoscopic pageantry that well-displayed pairings can produce.

(You know what I mean there, right?  Male/female light/dark projective/receptive passive/active sun/moon aggressive/nurturing heaven/earth … and isn’t it funny how many of them line up consistently in a lot of people’s stuff?  If I asked people to put them in associative columns I’d expect no more than a couple differing between most people’s lists.  But every time you add a duality pair, the range of possibilities in the world doubles.)

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