Morag, Moon Magick, and Amateur Hour by Morag

I’ve mentioned Moon Magick in a few of my posts at Everyday Magic, my regular blog. At least, I think I have. The truth is I’m recovering from a flare-up of my spinal injury and recovery requires opiates, unfortunately. I hate them. They fuzzy my brain and make me nauseated. Also, my eyesight is shot. But they are necessary if I want to do things like walk, sit, stand, lie down, shower, pee, etc….The background of the picture is a black sky. Across the middle of the picture, diagonally from the bottom left corner to the top right, is a series of moons at various stages of an eclipse. Text above the moons reads in brush script "Moon Magick." Text below the moon in a serif font reads "Witchcraft once a week. Practice makes you better. Learning through success or failure."

Moon Magick. I want to go into more detail, because I’m not assuming you’ve read my posts at Everyday Magic where I may or may not have actually talked about this. Basically, I need to actually practice magic. On a regular basis. I need to not be afraid to just try new things and make mistakes and get drunk and kiss a stranger — wait, no, that’s the Doctor’s rules for travel. I’ve been afraid for a long time when it comes to magic. Afraid not of it, so much, but afraid I’m not doing it right, or that I’m doing it for the wrong things, or that there are things too small for magic, that I need to save it up for the big stuff, that it’s special and not an everyday thing (despite the name of my blog, I guess)…the long and short of this is that I end up never doing it at all and I don’t get the practice I need to become really good at it.

You don’t become good at anything without practice, after all.

Follow the link to read more about moon magic.