Focus by perlandria

“Walk!” my beloved 2nd year teacher yelled down the walkway as I ran past the railings to the stairs down to recess. My schooling was very mindful to instruct me what to do as an action, not a negation. This was in stark contrast to the litany of forbidden things from home and church, highlighting and drawing attention to the wrong instead of the right. My teacher unschooled the toddler ‘No’ out of me.

“Radishes grow fast” my researcher suggested for my limited time internship. I had results to show, and earned the scholarship.

“But, what do you like? How will you know it when you see it?” Angela asked, road tripping from yet another festival. Single, and determined to not repeat mistakes, I had been listing off what was unacceptable. We’d both been part of a community that did an open gift exchange where people published their gift lists freely and openly but in several ranks of investment, from ‘Stocking Stuffers’ to ‘In My Dreams’. I’d seen people get their dreams by happenstance, if you will, after publishing the dreams for themselves and their community to see. I made the list of my desires, the positive traits that would delight me. Several times it helped me see who I wanted when I could have been distracted by life and missed them.