The Beginning Place… by Nicholas Haney

This is my first post on this platform, so it seems only fitting that I should introduce myself. My name is Nicholas Haney, and I have been a practicing pagan for a little over a decade now. Like so many other pagans, my path has been a long and winding one.

In some ways, it started many years ago in my childhood home. I wasn’t raised in a religious household you see, and so I didn’t have an upbringing that really ever talked about “those kind of things.”

We only really ever went to church if there was a wedding or a funeral, and other than that my childhood was pretty devoid of anything you might call “religious.”

I am a member of a strange and wonderful generation; old enough to remember when we didn’t have all the technology, and young enough to still embrace it when it did finally come along. I got to witness first hand the transition into the digital age, and so that gives that gives me a little bit of perspective on both sides of that line. It also means, that before all the tech; I spent a lot of my childhood outside. I spent my time ranging the fields and hedgerows, roaming the forests and rivers. In some way, I want to say that is where my paganism really began. I knew that land well, and named many of the trees and became close to the rivers.

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