Month: April 2017

Earth-based faith without the Earth?

  I watched Alien Planet today. If you’ve never seen it, it’s a study in the hypothetical. A bunch of scientists, physicists, biologists, et, all, come together and discuss what different types of life could be like on a planet that may or may not […]

Inquisitive Mage in the Dragon Age by Liz Tetu

When Dragon Age: Inquisition first came out in 2014, this third game of the Dragon Age series excited fans with its responsive, realistic, refined graphics as well as its inclusion of (positive) modern queer politics and positionalities in a fantasy realm, goals that BioWare really […]

Involving Deities In Your Spell-Work… by Themea Pantera

Involving Deities In Your Spell-Work: Yes, It Can Be Done Respectfully Once, apropos of nothing, while meditating with Hermes, he let loose with the following rant: “It’s not like I don’t want to help. I do. I’m helpful. I like being helpful. And I get […]

In the Closet with the Door Open By jennfritz

I am born of the Earth. Daughter of the Mother and Father. Honestly, I’m just a woman, wife, mumee; living life quietly. It’s hard to make waves when you barely cause a ripple, yet here I am. Making waves. Being Wiccan is not something I […]

It Begins… By Jhenah Telyndru

Over the years, many original chants and songs have been written by women inspired by their work in the Sisterhood of Avalon. We have long wanted to record these works of Awen, both in order to have a teaching tool so others can learn these […]

The Underground Stream: An Introduction by Jesamyn

The High Priestess sits upon the seat she has earned over years filled with effort, anguish, and exhilaration, all freely offered in service; in this moment, she is serene, centered, and focused.  Her hair is dressed around a slim silver circlet high upon her head, […]

Love Magic by DM Koffer

Or, more specifically, is it OK to cast a love spell? Rather than just give you an answer, I thought I’d put together a few ideas for you to think about.  As a Pagan, your values will mean more if you put intent into them. […]

The Divine Prisoner By Jhenah Telyndru

So, I’m finally out of book jail and able to start up this new blog; the manuscript of my most recent book* is now complete and in the hands of the publisher. Book jail is a concept that’s been circulating among my author friends; it is that […]

Invocation to Femella by Grace E

This is an invocation I wrote to the Divine Girl, based on my work with Jailbreaking the Goddess (I highly recommend the book and you can find my review of it here. ). If you need a little Femella in your life, I hope this […]

All this time, the river flows… By Wolf Mercury

When I bought my camera, there was one shot I knew I wanted to retake. A few years ago, after running around Ireland, England, and Wales for over a month, I found myself back in London two days before flying home to Seattle.  That trip, […]