Ostara and the Bunny by Taffy Dugan

During the long winter months, Ostara, the maiden goddess of spring sleeps deep in the Earth.  She awaits the song of spring.  Sometimes, she likes to sleep-in.  Sometimes, she covers her head with her warm blankets and snuggles deeper in her cozy bed. Like many of us, she’s slow to wake up.

Long ago, when the Earth was young, Ostara accidentally did sleep-in.  She had heard the children singing her praises and slowly woke up, and stretched. When she finally sat up in bed, fully awake, she realized that she had slept for three months too long!

Here in this area of California, we basically only have two seasons, rainy and dry but, this story takes place in Germany, where it snows throughout the winter.  Three extra months of winter can create terrible catastrophes.

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