Introduction to Pagan Ethics by DM Koffer

So – what are Pagan ethics? Where do they come from? How do we decide what’s ethical behavior for Pagans, and what isn’t?

That’s a lot of questions. I promise, I won’t try to answer them all in this post! But just to set the scene, I want to touch on some of the basics that will guide this blog going forward.

What brand of Paganism?

I use the term “Pagan” to refer to a lot of different things. Wiccans can be lumped into the umbrella term “Pagan,” as can Neopagans, Druids, etc. Sometimes Pagan means “non-Christian,” or “actively rejecting Christianity in favor of something else.” Sometimes it means “pre-Christian religion.” Sometimes the term Pagan refers to a reconstruction of a belief system that competed with Christianity a long time ago, or that existed before Christianity.

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