New perks, interview, and a campaign update

So much news-


There are new perks in the campaign, offered up by authors on the site. $60 items from Lon Sarver, Reverend Gina Pond, and Shauna Aura Knight are now live and there are more to come.

The early supporter ad spots have sold out. One of the Indigogo rate spots has also sold. When those are gone the rates go up again so keep that in mind.


I interviewed with Spiral Nature Magazine today and the piece goes live on Wednesday, February 15. I talked about the impetus for the site, my hopes for being able to pay authors in early 2018 and supporting the Pagan community.

Campaign Update

The campaign is up to 46% funded. Aaallllmost half way there which is amazing and humbling to me. We’re up to 46 committed authors and I can only hope that what I’m putting together is a good platform for them to share their thoughts with the community. I’m working on more perks and getting all the background stuff ready for us to open the doors in March like the business license, wordpress themes and the other workaday stuff that is so important.