Site news

IndieGoGo – The campaign has slowed down a bit which isn’t unusual. We’re at 8 days in and 22 to go with it being 40% funded. Please do share! I’d love to be fully funded (or beyond) so that everything is set for the long term and I can start paying writers sooner. I consider paying people for their work a core value.

Authors – The author page went live yesterday. It’s being updated as I have a chance to vett more authors. The list is quite impressive and I’m honored by the trust they have in letting me host their work.

Contract – I’m going to have a draft contract up later this afternoon (I’ll amend this post with a link when it’s up). I’m working on finding a lawyer that can review the contract and make sure it is fair to both parties. I know that this has been a big point of contention in the recent past with another site and I don’t want to repeat those mistakes.

Interview – I was interviewed on the Tree of Life Hour on Blog Talk Radio on Feb 9. I believe that link leads to the archived show. I’m in the second half.

PantheaCon – I’m hosting a meet and greet on Sunday, February 19 from 10a-12p in Rm 259 (the Sisters of Avalon Hospitality Room). Feel free to drop by and say hello.